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Over 98% of speeding tickets we handle are not reported to your insurance company and do not affect your license or insurance.* Three Traffic Ticket Options: Contest, Mitigate or Pay. Which option you should choose depends on what type of infraction the officer says you committed, moving or non-moving.

Moving Violations: Speeding, Negligent Driving, Following Too Close, Speed Too Fast for Conditions, Failure to Yield, Cell Phone Use and Texting are some of the most commonly cited moving violations. Moving violations are reported to your insurance company and employer. ALWAYS mark the contested box and send the ticket in immediately (remember: you have 15 days to request a hearing or you lose the right to fight your ticket). The negative impact of a moving violation traffic ticket is always more that the fine on the face of the ticket. Increased insurance, employment problems and license suspensions are all possibilities.

Non-Moving Violations: No Insurance, Defective Equipment and Traffic Safety Camera Tickets are a few of the usual non-moving tickets. These tickets do not get reported to insurance. Unless you hold a commercial driver's license, drive for a living, are on a deferred finding or on probation for a traffic crime, the best plan is usually mitigation.

The Real Cost of a Traffic Ticket is Much More than a Simple Fine

If you could simply pay the ticket and be done with everything there would be no need to hire a traffic ticket attorney. Instead, speeding tickets, tickets issued as the result of an accident, and any other "moving" traffic infraction, can significantly increase your insurance rates or cause you to lose preferred rate insurance coverage altogether. Washington DOL reports your traffic ticket to your insurance company for a minimum of three years. This means at least 36 months of additional payments.

If you drive as part of your job, traffic infractions can cause you to lose your job or be demoted to a lower paying position. If you have a Commercial Driver's License this can mean the loss of a lucrative career. You must aggressively fight every single ticket. Our Seattle speeding ticket lawyer are here to help you protect your livelihood.

If you have a previous deferred finding the court could enter a committed finding on that ticket as well. If you are being monitored by a court for a criminal conviction, you may suffer additional fines, suspensions or even jail. Too many traffic tickets will trigger the Washington Department of Licensing to take administrative actions against your license such as probationary licensing, suspension of your privilege to drive, requiring SR-22 insurance, or mandating you take traffic safety classes.

If you are under 18 years old, a committed finding on a traffic ticket will cause DOL will put you on probation. A second ticket will result in the suspension of your license. Intermediate license holders (learner's permits) will suffer additional sanctions if you are unable to successfully fight your ticket.

Finally, you may not have committed the infraction! As cities are under pressure to find new ways to generate revenue more mistakes are made. Erroneously issued citations are an increasing problem. You should not have to suffer consequences for something you did not do.

The hidden costs of a speeding ticket - Bellingham Herald

Keep Your Insurance Rates Affordable

Seattle speeding ticket lawyer Scott Lawrence understands the reasons you are fighting your ticket and will fight to win your case. By many estimates,you should expect a 25-30% increase in your insurance rates for a single traffic ticket. According to Jennifer Flaten of Life123.com, "Depending on your age, your driving history and the severity of the ticket, you could see an increase of $300 per year to your insurance premium for a single infraction."

Our Seattle Speeding Ticket Lawyer Will Represent You in Court

Your time is too valuable to be sitting in line at the courthouse and waiting for your case to be heard. In most cases, your presence in court is not needed to effectively fight your traffic ticket. We appear in court for you, so you don't have to. It always makes sense to hire an experienced and aggressive speeding ticket attorney go to court on your behalf.

Leave the Legal Work to an Experienced Professional

A speeding ticket or traffic ticket is almost never won on the facts. When traffic tickets are dismissed it’s almost always on a "technicality." Most tickets are dismissed because the rules of evidence prohibit admission of crucial evidence; court procedures were not strictly followed; o the court rules for infractions have been violated. To fight tickets effectively you must understand all of the possible defenses available and how to assert them in court. Our Seattle speeding ticket lawyer knows what issues work and how to effectively argue them to the judge and prosecutor. Simply put, the government has trained, experienced professionals on their side (officer, prosecutor, radar tech,…), you should too.

We Appear in ALL King and Snohomish County Courts (please call 206-453-1800 for other courts) Hire a committed Seattle speeding ticket lawyer that will fight for your success.

We have locations in Seattle and Everett and our Speeding Ticket lawyers handle all King and Snohomish County court cases. Seattle Area Municipal Courts and all King County District Courts, including Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, Kenmore, Shoreline, Bothell, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Maple Valley and Mercer Island. Everett Area Municipal Courts and all Snohomish County District Courts, including Evergreen, Cascade, Monroe, Lynnwood, Arlington, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Mill Creek and Mountlake Terrace.

*past results are not a guarantee of future results, everyone's case is different and must be judged on its own merits

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