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Everett criminal defense attorney, Scott Lawrence, has been practicing criminal defense for over 10 years. Whether you are currently under investigation, have been charged with a crime, or want to appeal your case we can help. Please feel free to contact us for experienced legal advice and to find out what your options are.

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What does an Everett Criminal defense attorney do?

A Defense Attorney represents a client in court arguing their case. They will also discuss with the prosecutor a plea bargain that may eliminate the need for a jury trial and result in an appropriate set of measures for the circumstances. In no case can the attorney make a deal with the prosecutor without the agreement of the defendant, the attorney will present the situation to the defendant, provide information on available alternatives, potential outcomes and consequences. It is up to the defendant to decide on the ultimate direction to take and whether or not to accept a plea bargain.

Can a attorney represent someone they know is guilty?

One question that sometimes gets asked is whether a attorney can represent a person if they tell the attorney they are guilty. The bottom line is that a person that did something is not actually guilty just because they think they are.

A person is not legally guilty until the court finds the person guilty. That is to say, a person is innocent until proven guilty. It is the Everett criminal defense attorney's job to present the best case possible in defense of the individual's innocence. It is, of course, incumbent upon the defense attorney not to lie to the judge or jury.

If a defense attorney has been informed by the client that they have done something, the attorney is limited in what they can tell the court. For example, if a client tells the lawyer that they "did indeed hit someone on the head", the lawyer cannot argue in court that the defendant "did not hit so and so in the head". In that way it limits the lawyer.

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