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Based in Washington State, Scott Lawrence has been an Arlington criminal defense attorney for over 10 years. Whether you are currently under investigation, have been charged with a crime, or want to appeal your case we can help. We will build a criminal defense strategy on your behalf. We will review all physical evidence, police reports and witness statements. With a plan in place, we will offer a vigorous defense in Arlington and Snohomish County courts. Feel free to contact us for experienced legal advice and to find out what your options are.

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What can a criminal defense attorney can use to fight your case?

There are 9 (common) legal defenses in criminal law: mental disorder, automatism, intoxication, mistake of fact, necessity, self defense, duress, lawful capacity of office and impossibility of defense.

These defenses are not defenses for not having done a crime. Rather these are defenses that negate or help negate the implications of and consequences for a crime. It is incumbent on the prosecution in a trial to prove not only guilt in terms of criminal action but also must prove the absence of these criminal defense items.

It is important to note that these defenses are relevant when the defendant has committed the act they are being charged with. These defenses are important tools for your attorney to use as appropriate on any criminal case.

What are the procedural defenses I can expect to be used by my Criminal Defense Attorney?

You may hear about procedural defenses in the course of your journey. Procedural defense goes to the way the law is being applied and the correctness of the proceedings. They do not impact on and are not involved in determining the guilt or innocence of a defendant. Nonetheless, these are tools available to your attorney to use in the right situation.

Some of the defenses that might be brought to bare in a criminal proceeding include denial of speedy trial, double jeopardy, entrapment, selective prosecution, and violation of the exclusionary rule (violation of a defendants constitutional rights under the 4th and 5th amendment to the constitution) that disallows illegal search and seizure.

If you believe you are in need of a solid defense call Scott Lawrence, Arlington criminal defense attorney, now for a free phone consultation. Scott can also provide DUI Attorney Services as well as speeding ticket lawyer representation.

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