Seattle Law Hawks Testimonials

Seattle Law Hawks Testimonials

Professional, competitive fee, won my case!!

I don't like to think of myself as someone who needs a good lawyer, but if I find myself in a similar situation in the future it's nice to know I have Scott Lawrence to turn to. He's professional, very knowledgeable and always kept me abreast on where we were with my case. He appeared in court on my behalf (I didn't even have to attend the hearing) and all in all the amount of time I spent dealing with this matter was approximately 5 minutes. Mr. Lawrence made this process very easy on my end, he won my case and I would highly recommend his representation to anyone.

Best Attorney Ever!!!!!

Scott Lawrence has a deep passion for the law. He shows this by doing what most lawyers don't want to do which is research and motion filing. His research resulted in my being able to question justice to reduce what could have been a long sentence. By his passion and research, I am able to bring this short term disaster in to a short term resolve. I am grateful to Scott for his dedication and follow through. What Scott said he would do, he did, which is not the case for many lawyers. I urge those who are shopping to stop here and have a talk with Scott who will give you a realistic, honest approach to what is in front of you as a defendant.

This attorney gets results!!!!

Due to my job I drive a lot and having a clean record is important to me. Mr. Lawrence has handled two speeding tickets for me. The first was dismissed. About a year later I got another one. This time he negotiated it to a violation that didn't get reported on my record. Never had to set foot in court. Everyone who drives for a living should have the number of a good ticket lawyer at the ready. He is a great ticket lawyer.

Scott Lawrence, Attorney at Law. Brilliant Criminal Defense Lawyer. Scott is well skilled and a confident criminal Law Attorney

Scott Lawrence represented a family member after being charged with DUI. Scott is a very insightful and skilled criminal attorney. Scott provided detailed information to help guide us through the criminal justice system and Department of Licensing for the State of Washington. As an experienced attorney, Scott worked diligently to present the facts of the case and ended up winning the case at trial. We would recommend Scott Lawrence, Attorney at Law, to anyone facing criminal charges. He is a brilliant attorney and a professional in all aspects of his law practice.

When you're in need of a counselor and advocate for your minor child who has made a big mistake.... Scott represented our then minor aged daughter who had been charged with Minor in Possession while driving a vehicle. As parents, we were of course traumatized, but our daughter was even more distraught, thinking that she had truly wrecked her life and would have this hanging over her for years to come. We retained Scott to represent her, and are thankful we did. He explained the process, the options and the likely outcomes. He very capably represented her in the evidentiary hearings and in the case itself, both the criminal and the civil. And through his advocacy and expert understanding of how certain procedures needed to be administered by the law enforcement officer, he was able to demonstrate to the court that proper procedure as prescribed was not followed, which led to an eventual dismissal of the charges and the expunging of our daughters record. He continued to represent our daughter until the entire process had concluded (an eight month period). As parents we were grateful for Scott's representation but more importantly our daughter has a clean record. Thank you Scott!

Amazing Lawyer. Even Better Person.

Scott Lawrence is absolutely brilliant in his legal representation. He's also very sensitive and compassionate, and displayed the very highest integrity and moral character throughout his work with me and my family. In short, Scott is a phenomenal attorney. We were tremendously lucky to find him.

Better experience than I expected!

When I first had my incident I searched for my state's laws and attorney information. Found Scott's info on this site and sent an initial email about the issue. He generously responded giving some advice. When it came time to go to court, I hired him. He made this experience as easy as possible. He kept me informed on the laws, best - worst case scenarios and acted in my best interests. He responded to emails and phone calls and showed for court appearances. He spoke with prosecution to explain my situation. He got me the best possible outcome for my case and ensured the prosecutor had all required documents. For that I am super thankful. This could have been devastatingly worse than it already was.

Professional, knowledgeable, kind, courteous and caring service!

Mr. Lawrence has helped me with two driving infractions. His service was great. He knew the law and the court system and gave great legal advice. I've given his card to numerous people. You won't find a better attorney. He has a great friendly demeanor and seemed well liked and respected by the other attorneys and members of court.


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